Eating Clean and Healthy while Saving Money at Trader Joe’s and Aldi

Trader Joe'saldi

I moved to Florida four years ago to escape the miserable cold of my beloved Pennsylvania life.  Well when I arrived in Florida, there was no Trader Joe’s and no one had even heard of it but thank goodness they did have an Aldi.  I missed the specialty items of Trader Joe’s so much that I prayed for two years for it to come to this area and now central Florida has three stores!

But I digress. The purpose of this post is to tell you about these amazing brothers Trader Joe’s and Aldi. We all remember when Organic food became popular.  Many of us spent hundreds of dollars on about two bags of groceries that lasted maybe two or three days. Eating organic was expensive but many felt buying whole foods was a necessity.


I knew there had to be another way to eat healthy and that is when I discovered Trader Joe’s and Aldi.  Trader Joe’s and Aldi sell many items under its own private labels.  This allows them to provide their products to the public at greatly discounted prices. Most major grocery stores can carry 60,000+ items while Trader Joe’s and Aldi carries around 4,000 to 5,000+ items.

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So who shops at Trader Joe’s and Aldi?

  • The person who wants quality whole foods at an affordable price
  • The family not stuck on name brands
  • Shoppers who do not want to eat food that is made with fillers and artificial ingredients
  • The person with a millionaire mind who knows saving money is key
That's me checking out the ingredients
That’s me checking out the ingredients of one of Aldi’s Special Buys.

For wine lovers, the selection at Trader Joe’s starts at $2.99 and it is good wine, not the cheap stuff that gives you a headache after one glass!

Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardoney, Merlot, White Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc

So what can you expect when you shop at Aldi?  Expect low prices and quality food without a lot of fillers. Aldi has recently taken pride to rid their products of MSG and many artificial flavors.  You will need a quarter for a shopping cart but no worries you will get it back once you return it to its station.  Aldi customers are so generous that often times someone will give you their cart in the parking lot.  Bring your own tote bag to pack your groceries or you can purchase paper or plastic for a nominal 6-10 cents. These two features help keep the prices low.

Quality food at low prices

And what can you expect when you shop at Trader Joe’s? Expect an invigorating, energetic atmosphere where the products are bright and lively and the employees carry the same demeanor. Expect free samples of new food products and a free mini cup of their featured coffee of the day.


Expect brilliant flowers and crisp vegetables. The coveted paper bags with handles are free at Trader Joe’s and you can even re-use them at Aldi.

20150310_111816_6 20150310_111057

While the stores may be small, they are not lacking in quality, product and service.  The fruit is colorful and fresh, the isles are usually faced (a shelf stocker’s term) and they have a no hassle return policy. If you do not like something, just return it! Hopefully there is at least one of these stores in your area, if not do as I did and just pray.  You may get three! 🙂