With His Eye

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8

I have pondered this scripture for eons it seems. It has been both comforting and complex to me. I couldn’t understand how the Lord God Almighty could guide us with His eye. I mean I can’t actually see the eye of the Lord so how in the world does this help me especially when I need to make life changing decisions?  I can handle what pair of cute new heels to buy. But what happens when I need to choose which road to take? What happens when I am at the end of myself and do not know what to do or where to go?


Then I was reminded of a time when I was a little girl.  I lived in Michigan where it seemed like it snowed more often than not. My protective mother would bundle me up in a gray snowsuit that was puffy and made swishing noises when I walked.  She would cover my head with the hood, zip the zipper just below my nose and leave only a tiny little space for my eyes to show. By the time I left the house I felt like a furnace inside of that snowsuit. I can remember walking out of the door and heading to a snow covered field.  I could only see in front of me and had to turn my body completely around to see anything else for the abominable snowsuit which held me captive.

paths in snow2

On this particular winter day there were three charted paths across that mountainous field of snow.  One path led to a forest where most of the older children went to hangout after school. The second path led to my elementary school. The other path…oh the coveted third path led to the penny candy store around the corner.  I had one whole dollar which would equate to one hundred pieces of candy if I took that path!

Penny candy throw backs

I had a decision to make.  I knew the path to the woods was out of the story. That was an easy elimination. But there were two other paths in front of me.  As I anticipated my next step, I could already taste the fruity tootsie rolls, tart lemon heads, squirrel nut zippers, and sweet Swedish fish. This store was the highlight of my life! The temptation was fierce. I pondered, looking at both paths.  I weighed my options but I could not resist the sweet treats calling my name.

woman window

I made the decision. I took three steps down the path to the penny candy store when I felt a warm penetrating presence on the back of my neck. My heart began to beat fast. I stopped in my tracks and turned all the way around in my snowsuit to see who was watching me.  My house was only about four houses away from the field and I could see my mother in the kitchen window with her arms folded, squinting one of her eyes. I had been discovered.  The intense look in my mom’s one squinted eye guided me to the correct path to school.  She didn’t have to open the window to yell or scream and she didn’t even have to run outside. Her eye guided me to the path and once I was on the right path, she nodded and blew a kiss my way.


The Lord does the same thing with us. Even when we decide to take the wrong path, His loving eye guides us unto our desired destination. When we belong to Him, we can feel His gaze and loving correction.  Now there may be times when the Lord wants to yell and scream at our crazy decisions but He doesn’t. Instead, His loving kindness draws us near to Him. His beautiful presence encourages us to follow in the footsteps that He has already walked out for us.  He leads us on the right path and makes us strong so that we may walk on past temptation.  He is always watching.  The Lord is always near. He instructs us on our journey and guides us with His eye.


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