True Citrus – Truly Delicious! Summer Berry Medley

While in that famous but oh so crowded super store, I discovered this impeccably delicious beauty!  It is the True Lemon Fruit Orchard summer berry medley. If you love water but sometimes want a little extra treat without all of the calories, sugar and artificial ingredients, then this product is for you.  As I was in the isle of the store, wondering what sweet treat I could enjoy, these bright and bold packages whispered my name.

I decided to give it a shot.  I made my purchase, took it home, poured its essence in my cold refreshing bottle of water and tasted…My taste buds could not believe what was happening! No yucky dish detergent taste like some of its competitors and no chalky aftertaste. Instead, real fruit flavor with real fruit essence.

Frsh fruit

I immediately called True Citrus (like who has time to do this?) but I was that impressed with their product!  True Citrus was so happy to hear from me and mailed me tons of sample packets of all of their products and five coupons for future purchases.

Sweeten up your super green smoothie with a half or full packet of summer berry medley.

I highly recommend this product as they have new flavors along with my favorite fruit orchard summer berry medley. There are no artificial flavors, colors  or preservatives. Each packet has only 30 calories of the most refreshing, all natural fruit beverage ingredients that you will ever taste.

Spring is here and Summer is coming!  This product would be perfect in a large glass filled with ice, strawberries and lemons, sitting on your sun porch with friends, catching up on old times.


I know you will enjoy and when you do send the people over at true citrus an email and tell them just how much! They will be happy to hear from you. Tell them Simone sent you. 🙂



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