Have you ever not known what to do?! Yeah well me too.

My tongue is the pen of a skillful writer

This is the reason why I created this blog.  I can certainly tell you what I have learned pass or fail in many situations.  Every decision is not always easy. Sometimes a point of view from someone we do not know may cause us to have that “ah haa!” moment.

Follow me as we discuss life’s events and the wisdom connected to each experience.  Fitting each topic here would be difficult but some of the things I will be sharing with you are:

  • The best products and services
  • How to save money on just about everything you purchase
  • Fine food and fine wine
  • Relationships and intimacy
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • And a lot of fun topics such as traveling and beauty & fashion

Oh wait…who am I?  My name is Simone Fallen (Fal lon).  Writing is one of my life’s hobbies.  My first publication, “The Unborn Child” was too controversial to win first prize in a grade school contest. The judges thought a ten year old should not be writing on topics such as abortion.  But the older generation in my family would always tell me that I had an “old soul” and encouraged me to never stop writing.

Throughout the years people would come to me and ask for advice.  It was humbling and scary at the same time because I just did not know what they saw in me.  But I grew to understand that what they saw in me was God’s wisdom.

 I would compare it to a time before navigation systems were popular. While traveling with my mother as a young child, if we became lost, she would always look for a mailman or woman to ask for directions instead of asking just some random person.  My mom knew that that postal worker had traveled the roads in which she was trying to find.  If they had not been on that exact road, they at least knew how to point us in the right direction.

So it is with wisdom.  What I have gleaned from life really has nothing to do with age. You can seek wisdom at any age.  It’s all about learning to make sound decisions and learning also from the not so sound ones. Wisdom is all about opening up, sharing the roads of your life and pointing others in the right direction.


Simone Fallen


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